Rhinoplasty without surgery in Montreal

Without the need for surgery, some noses may be modified by using filler injections every few months.

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    1. Bump (on the surface of the nose): This may be less noticed by injecting fillers above and below the projecting area.
    2. Curved nose: The deviated nose appears less deviated when injecting fillers on the depressed nasal side.
    3. A big nose: In order to give the nose a smaller apparent look, injections can be used to augment the volume of the other facial features on each side of it, like the cheeks, or below it, like the chin and lips.
    4. Uneven surface: There are due to natural causes or previous nose surgery or even traumatic events. These depressions are modified using fillers injections to make the nasal surface look straighter.

    Side effects and Risks

    Nasal injections must be performed by an experienced professional due to the possible risks such as: irregularities, asymmetry, reddish skin, spots, inflammation, obstruction of vessels, etc.

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